Aurora A/FX Specialty Repair Parts

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Aurora produced a longer wheelbase 4-Gear Chassis for its dragsters and specialty vehicles based upon the standard length A/FX chassis. The chassis was simply lengthened and a fourth gear was added to the gear plate.

On Aurora's dragster models the front axle and wheels were omitted and narrow dragster wheels and tires were attached to the front of the body shell instead.

Auto World recently released a modern reproduction of the Aurora 4-Gear Specialty chassis for its NHRA Funny Cars ant Top Fuel Dragsters. The parts described here and on the A/FX chassis pages will also fit the AW 4-Gear chassis.

A limited number of A/FX Specialty Parts are still available for these chassis. See the parts list below and the AFX and Magna-Traction sections for shared parts such as motor brushes and pickup shoes etc.

Aurora A/FX Specialty 1931 Panel Truck

Aurora also used the specialty chassis for its innovative line of Aztec and Fueler dragsters. The Aurora A/FX Aztec Dragster shown below illustrates how the normal front axle was removed and narrow dragster wheels and tires were attached directly to the front of the body shell itself.

Aurora A/FX Specialty Aztec Dragster

With the exception of larger wheels and tires along with the chassis itself, most Aurora A/FX and Magna-Traction chassis parts were used on these specialty chassis. Parts like motor brushes and pickup shoes are standard A/FX chassis items.

Shown below are examples of the new Auto World Top Fuel and Funny Car dragsters:

Auto World 4-Gear Top Fuel Dragster
Auto World 4-Gear NHRA Funny Cars

When ordering tires for Auto World 4-Gear chassis use Silicone Specialty tires for NHRA Funny Cars, and Silicone Dragster tires for the Top Fuel rails.

Aurora A/FX Specialty Chassis Diagram

A/FX Specialty Parts

  A/FX Specialty - Chassis Assembly $4.99
  A/FX Specialty - MT Chassis Only $4.99
  A/FX Specialty - Gear Plate w/ Gear $3.29

  A/FX Specialty - Front Axle $1.49
  A/FX Specialty - Rear Axle $1.69
  A/FX Specialty - Body Screws (12) $2.69

  A/FX Specialty - Silicones (Pair) $3.59

A/FX Dragster Parts

  A/FX Dragster - Front Wire Form $1.79
  A/FX Dragster - Narrow Rear Axle $1.79

  A/FX Dragster - Rear Tires (Pair) $1.99
  A/FX Dragster - Silicones (Pair) $3.79

See the AFX and Magna-Traction sections for common shared parts such as motor brushes and pickup shoes etc. that can also be used to repair the Aurora A/FX Specialty chassis.


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