BSRT G-Jet BSRT has finally released their new BSRT G-Jet rolling chassis. If you've been to any of the regional or national race events recently you've seen these cars in action. They became available for purchase by all racers in the middle of October 2006.

BSRT provided G-Jet samples to several racing series over the past year to allow racers to get an idea of what BSRT had in store for racers in the near future. The G-Jet was enthusiastically accepted everywhere they were shown and raced.

BSRT G-Jet Replacement Parts are also now available.

BSRT G-Jet Chassis - Top view

The BSRT G-Jet is an entirely new design targeting both home and club racers. Over the past few years HO slot cars have gotten faster and faster. They have also become harder to tune at the extremes of the spectrum, and can cost nearly $100 to be competitive in the fastest classes.

Many racers have tried to re-create the fun they had years ago racing Aurora T-Jets and A/FX cars. Restoring an old Aurora A/FX or ThunderJet can be fun, but at the end of the day you still wind up with a car that's difficult to maintain and lacking the speed most seem to remember they once had.

The new BSRT G-Jet was designed from the ground up to be a car that would be easy to both drive and maintain. It provides the ability to drift through a turn like the old Aurora slot cars, but with modern components and simplified gearing using only a motor pinion and axle crown gear. Gone is the power robbing pancake motor and 5-gear power train.

The BSRT G-Jet uses the race-proven BSRT G3 Chassis as its basic platform. To this solid base a 9 Ohm 12 Volt DC armature and ceramic motor magnets are added. But instead of using a set of traction magnets for downforce a G-Jet uses a pair of brass weights in the traction magnet pockets at the rear of the chassis. A small brass weight is also used at the front of the chassis just ahead of the guide pin.

BSRT G-Jet Bare Chassis (G3 Flexible)

At the rear a pair of black Delrin hubs with silicone over foam racing slicks are used. For the front tires a black Delrin wheel-set with O-rings are employed. Overall tire diameters are 0.450" at the rear and 0.350" in front. A BSRT Delrin pinion and crown gear are used for a 7:21 gear ratio.

To round out the G-Jet package a BSRT Electrical System is used. The G-Jet endbell comes with pre-honed bearings. The pickup shoes are BSRT's Ski-Shoe design. Pickup shoes and holders are made from a beryllium-copper alloy for the ultimate in electrical performance and reliability.

BSRT G-Jet Chassis - Bottom View

A BSRT G-Jet chassis comes with body mounting tubes pre-installed. Any hard-shell Tomy or Aurora A/FX body can be used, or for those that prefer, a light-weight Lexan body can also easily be fitted.

A BSRT G-Jet is much more than just the sum of its parts. The car was designed from the ground up to be a new type of slot car. Every part on this car is of BSRT design. Words alone can't describe the experience one gets from racing a G-Jet, but if only one word could be used, it would be, Fun!

BSRT is shipping G-Jet Rolling Chassis complete with weight sets and Lexan body mounts. Initial pricing is $69.99. If you'd like to order one of these cars now use the Add to Cart button below. You won't be disappointed!

View BSRT G-Jet Rolling Chassis in Pop-Up Window BSRT G-Jet Rolling Chassis $69.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
Magnetic vs. Mechanical Downforce

Anyone who's ever raced a Tomy, Tyco or Life-Like slot car knows how rear traction magnets contribute to the speed and handling of a modern HO slot car. Unlike vintage Aurora ThunderJets and A/FX slot cars, modern slot cars don't drift in the turns. In fact any drifting that does occur is normally what happens just before the car de-slots.

Traction magnets exert downforce when they're directly above the power rails, but offer no downforce when the rear end slides out or drifts toward the outside of a turn. Magnetic downforce is much like a light switch. On, and the cars sticks like glue. Off, and you de-slot.

Traction magnets, in effect, increase the relative weight of a slot car, but only when they're focused directly above the steel power rails. The BSRT G-Jet uses brass weights in place of the traction magnets most modern car employ. This passive weight system remains constant regardless of a slot cars attitude.

Maintaining downforce in a turn regardless of the slip angle makes a J-Get much easier to control, and allows for the drifting action most slot car racers find enjoyable and fun.

The BSRT G-Jet brings back the kind of slot car racing that many older slot car racers remember from their youth. Anyone who races 1:32 or 1:24 scale slot cars will also love the way a G-Jet handles.

12 Volts vs. 18 Volts Power

Ever since the first Aurora Model Motoring sets were introduced HO slot cars had motors designed to run on 18 Volts DC (VDC). In the 1970's Aurora considered reducing the motor voltage to 12 Volts DC when they introduced their A/FX line of slot cars and track, but ultimately decided to retain the original 18 VDC power packs so that customers with Aurora ThunderJets would still be able to run their collection of older T-Jets on the new A/FX track system.

Track builders who wire their own slot car tracks are familiar with the difficulties and expense involved in providing high current power at 18 VDC. Very few high-quality power supplies in the 18 VDC range are available, while any number of 12 VDC power supplies can be had at very reasonable prices.

The BSRT G-Jet motor was designed to work with a standard 12 Volt DC power supply. The motor was also designed to have low current windings. A 12 Volt DC power pack producing as little as 2 amperes at 12 VDC will comfortably power a large 4-lane raceway without the power surging problems normally associated with other HO slot cars.

The 12 VDC - 2 Amp power supply showed below is the "official" BSRT G-Jet power supply. This power supply was chosen because of its high-quality, performance and low cost. One of these power supplies will provide ample power for a large 4-lane raceway. It can also be dialed down to 6 or 9 VDC for younger racers.

2 Amp 12VDC Power Supply
View 2 Amp 0-12 VDC Power Supply in Pop-Up Window 2 Amp 0-12 VDC Power Supply $36.99

This 12 Volt DC power pack is inexpensively priced at $36.99. It's fully regulated and can be adjusted down for novices and younger racers. Only one of these power supplies is required to power up to 4 lanes of racing.

Note: This 12 Volt DC power pack is for G-Jet cars Only! Normal Tomy, Tyco and Life-Like slots cars require an 18 Volt DC power pack instead.

BSRT G-Jet cars were designed to work well with a standard Parma 45 ohm handle control. There's no need to buy special controllers to race a G-Jet.

G-Jet Spare Parts

Due to initial demand for complete rolling chassis, some BSRT G-Jet parts were not made available separately until early January 2007. All G-Jet parts are now available, including additional weight sets in different densities for further tuning.

A Hot Stock motor armature is also now available. This is a standard G-Jet 9 Ohm 12 Volt DC motor that has been dynamically balanced with a polished commutator. It has exactly the same electrical characteristics of the stock arm, but when balanced will spin up faster.

BSRT G-Jet Oil & Lubricant

  BSRT G-Juice Pin-Point Oiler $9.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Lube Gear Lube $9.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
BSRT G-Jet Motor Parts

  BSRT G-Jet Stock 9 Ohm 12V Arm $15.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Hot Stock 9 Ohm 12V Arm $19.50 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Ceramic Motor Magnets $13.50
  BSRT G-Jet Motor Bushings $2.00
BSRT G-Jet Chassis Parts

View BSRT G-Jet Chassis (G3 Flexible) in Pop-Up Window BSRT G-Jet Chassis (G3 Flexible) $7.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Body Tubes & Pins 4 $9.00
  BSRT G-Jet Steel Guide Pin $3.25
BSRT G-Jet Wheels & Tires

  BSRT G-Jet Black Delrin Front End $8.50
  BSRT G-Jet Rear Wheels & Tires $13.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Splined Rear Axle $4.00
BSRT G-Jet Electrical Parts

  BSRT G-Jet Motor Endbell $6.00
  BSRT G-Jet Gold Motor Endbell $10.50 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Silver Motor Endbell $10.50
  BSRT G-Jet Timing Bracket $5.35

  BSRT G-Jet Pickup Shoe Holders (2) $4.00
  BSRT G-Jet Pickup Ski-Shoes (2) $2.25
  BSRT G-Jet Pickup Ski-Shoes (6 Pr.) $11.25
  BSRT G-Jet Pickup Springs (4) $1.75
BSRT G-Jet Weight Kits

  BSRT G-Jet Complete Weight Kit $25.00

A BSRT G-Jet Weight Kit contains all of the parts shown below. Two (2) sets of weights are included to fine-tune the handling characteristics of a G-Jet chassis.

BSRT G-Jet Handling Parts

  BSRT G-Jet Handling Plate Holder $5.35
  BSRT G-Jet 0-80 Plate Screws (2) $2.75
  BSRT G-Jet .032" Handling Plate $5.35
  BSRT G-Jet .062" Handling Plate $7.00
  BSRT G-Jet .120" Traction Weights $7.00
  BSRT G-Jet .180" Traction Weights $7.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  BSRT G-Jet Traction Weight Shims $2.75

The standard BSRT G-Jet Rolling chassis comes equipped with a set of G-Jet .120" Traction Weights and a G-Jet .062 Handling Plate in front.

If you would like to experiment with different chassis handling setups just order a set of the G-Jet .180 Traction Weights and a G-Jet .032 Handling Plate.


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