My Tracks

Over the years I've built several slot cars tracks. Show below are my current tracks. From time to time I sell one and then build a new one to replace it. I have both HO and 1:32 scale layouts along with a seasonal outdoor track in 1:24 scale.

Scenic Hills Raceway

My primary HO track layout was designed using Tracker 2000 software and is built using Tomy AFX track sections. It is a 4-lane racing circuit with a lap length of 33.50 feet per lane. The entire racetrack fits on a single 4×8 foot table. It incorporates three fast straights, an overpass and a tight hairpin turn. This particular layout has equal lane lengths.

My HO slot car collection is comprised of primarily open wheeled Formula One and IndyCars, Sportscars, GT Prototypes and Can-Am race cars. I wanted to design a track layout that would be similar to the famous road racing circuits of Europe and North America. The French Sarthe road circuit at Le Mans, Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps and Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin were my models.

To learn more about this track's construction see the Landscaping section of this web site.

Scenic Hills 33.50 Foot 4-Lane Tomy AFX Track in 4× 8

The race track is wired for individually powered lanes with power taps located at two separate points around the raceway. Lanes are powered by four (4) Samlex PSA-305 0-30 VDC 5 Amp Variable Power Supplies. See the Construction section of this web site for track wiring details.

Samle 5 Amp Unregulated Power Supply

The design for this raceway required quite a bit of track to complete. I found that purchasing a Tomy AFX Super International Challenge set and a Tomy AFX 4-Way Split was the most economical way to acquire the track sections required.

The table design for this track is described in the Tables section. I glued a piece of Homasote sound board to the plywood table top before mounting the track. The Homasote base acts to dampen the click-clack sound that plastic track often produces when mounted directly to a plywood table top.

All track sections are glued to form a very smooth racing surface. Each lane's metal power rails have also been soldered to create a smooth running, continuous rail circuit. The Layouts section describes the track sections required to build this road course.

Tuckaway 25

I recently built a second 4-lane HO race track with a 26 foot lap length using AFX track sections. This is a smaller layout that fits on a single 36" × 80" table, and can easily be stored in my kart racing shop. The layout is comprised of an Tomy AFX Super International Race Set with the addition of four (4) 9" straight sections and four (4) 15" straight sections.

I built this raceway over a single weekend. The total cost was less than $250.00 for the entire layout including, track, cars and building supplies. See the Tuckaway section of this web site for step by step instructions on building this race track.

Tuckaway 25 Foot Tomy AFX 36"× 80" Raceway

Parkmoor Raceway

I am in the process of building a 4-lane 1:32 scale slot car track using the new Scalextric Sport track system. This racing circuit was designed to fit on a large 8×16 foot table and has equal lap lengths of just over 65 feet for each lane.

Scalextric Sport 65.79 Foot 4-Lane 8$#215; 16 Raceway

My 1:32 Scalextric Sport Track is very similar in design to my HO Scale Scenic Hills 33. This particular design with an overpass provides for several long fast straights and a hairpin leading off of the overpass.


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