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Scalextric recently introduced its all-new 1:32 Scale Sport Advanced Track System. This new track system improves upon the Classic Scalextric track system, while retaining the same size, width and turn geometry as the original.

Scalextric Sport Advanced Track System

The Scalextric Sport track system retains the same 6" track width, but now provides a smoother racing surface for higher speeds, a deeper slot and steel power rails that are perfectly flush with the racing surface.


This new track system uses a slightly different track joint system that provides for much smoother joints and also prevents damage and warping if track sections are assembled and broken down on a regular basis. Conversion tracks are available to combine the older Classic track with the new Sport track system.

Scalextric Sport Converter Track

The Scalextric Sport track system also incorporates new power connection tracks that allow for individually powered lanes when a second power pack is used. The new Sport power connection tracks and hand controls provide standard 3-wire hand controls with dynamic motor braking.

Scalextric Sport Power Connection Track

Four turn radius sizes are available, making it possible to build layouts with up to eight lanes. The diagram below illustrates the four turn radius sizes available.

Scalextric Sport Turn Geometry

Modern FISA-style curbs with gravel traps and Armco catch fences are now available for all four turn radius sizes. These attractive borders add realism to any raceway while also providing a much needed drifting zone.

Scalextric Sport FISA Curbs, Gravel Traps and Catch Fencing

These same FISA-style curbs and gravel traps are also available for straight sections of track to provide a smooth transition from curve to straight.

Scalextric Sport Straight Lead-In Aprons

An electronic lap counter and timer is also available. This unit is powered by standard AA cell batteries and can count up to 999 laps with 1/10 of a second accuracy.

Scalextric Sport Electronic Lap Counter and Timer



While any 1:32 scale slot car can be used with the new Scalextric Sport track system. Scalextric's own Sport brand of cars are some of the nicest available.

Scalextric 1:32 scale slot cars are some of the fastest cars available, combining trouble-free operation, rugged construction and an exceptional attention to detail.

Shown below is only one of the many Scalextric Formula One slot cars currently available. This particular car is the Williams F1 BMW FW23 driven by Ralf Schumacher during the 2001 season. Williams teammate, Juan Pablo Montoya's car is also available, along with both McLaren Mercedes, Renaults and Toyota F1 Cars.

Scalextic Sport Williams F1 BMW FW23

Scalextric also recognizes the ever-growing market for vintage GT slot cars. Combining modern chassis, motor and traction magnet technology with some of the world's most famous GT prototypes will make this exciting new segment of the hobby even better.

The first in this new line of vintage series GT prototypes is the magnificent Ford GT-40. A total of five Ford GT-40 prototypes will be available. Both Mk I and Mk II variants of this historical Le Mans winner will be cast.

Scalextric Sport Ford GT-40 Mk II

Scalextric is also aware of its growing North American customer base. Four new TransAm racecars have recently been introduced. A pair of Ford Mustangs as driven by George Follmer and Parnelli Jones along with a pair of Chevy Camaros driven by Mark Donohue and Ronnie Bucknum in the 1969 TransAm series are excellent examples of Scalextric's new commitment to North American vintage racing.

Scalextric Sport Chevy Camaro TransAm

Scalextric also offers the Cadillac Northstar LMP car in three various liveries. This particular car has been campaigned in recent years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Scalextric Cadillac Northstar LMP

Scalextric has not neglected the Winston Cup fan either. Along with offering several current NASCAR liveries. Scalextric is making plain white Winston Cup stock cars available to those racers that wish to decorate cars to match their favorite Winston Cup driver.

Scalextic Winston Cup NASCAR

Shown below are Scalextric's white Pontiac Grand Prix and Ford Taurus stock cars ready for custom painting and decals.

Scalextric Winston Cup Stock Cars


Sport Digital System

Scalextric recently announced a new digital control system for their Sport track that will allow you to run up to 6 slot cars on a 2-lane raceway. The system uses digital decoders mounted in each slot car and provides a control system similar to the DCC technology used in the model railroading industry to run multiple trains on a single line of track.

Scalextric will offer complete digital race sets along with decoder boards that can be retro-fitted to most 1:32 scale slot cars to convert them for digital control.

Click your mouse on the image below to enlarge the picture.

Scalextric Sport Digital Control System - Click to Enlarge...

The Scalextric Sport Digital System can be used along with special power/control bases and lane-changing curved sections to convert standard Sport Track system to digital control.

Scalextric plans to release their new digital control system in late 2004 in time for the Christmas season.

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