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Bulk Packed Tomy SG+ Slot Cars

From time to time I can get bulk packaged Tomy Super G+Plus Ready to Run (RTR) slot cars. These cars are identical to the cars normally sold in pilfer-proof blister packs, but come in small poly-bags instead. These slot cars are brand new and are the same as the normal retail packaged versions, just the packaging itself is different. These would make great stocking stuffers!

Tomy SG+ Bulk-Packed RTR Slot Cars

  Mercedes C-9 Silver No. 63 (Bulk) $29.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
  Mercedes C-9 Black No. 61 (Bulk) $32.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

  Toyota 89-CV Blue No. 38 (Bulk) $39.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
  Porsche 962C Shell No. 17 (Bulk) $39.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Blue Toyota 89-CV and Shell Porsche 962C shown above are no longer available in normal retail blister packaging, making them particularly rare and valuable.

View Williams FW13 Canon F1 No. 5 (Bulk) in Pop-Up Window Williams FW13 Canon F1 No. 5 (Bulk) $17.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
View Lola Larrousse F1 No. 30 (Bulk) in Pop-Up Window Lola Larrousse F1 No. 30 (Bulk) $17.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
View ArmorAll IndyCar No. 1 (Bulk) in Pop-Up Window ArmorAll IndyCar No. 1 (Bulk) $17.99 Temporarily Out of Stock
View Amerimax IndyCar No. 16 (Bulk) in Pop-Up Window Amerimax IndyCar No. 16 (Bulk) $17.99 Temporarily Out of Stock


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