Trackside Structures

No race track would be complete without a few trackside structures and spectator viewing areas. A few of these structures will dress up any HO raceway. The trackside structures shown below are offered in kit form.

I now stock a complete line of trackside structures to complete your landscaped HO raceway. These photo-realistic building kits are easy to assemble and will add to the authenticity of any HO raceway.

Constructed of thick cardstock, these photo-printed building kits can be assembled with just a hobby knife, straight-edge ruler and some white glue.

Full and detailed instructions are included with each building kit to make assembly easy and fun to do.

See the Billboards page for free sponsor logos suitable for decorating these structures.

Photo-Real - Ticket & Gate Entrance First up is a Ticket Booth and Gate Entrance. These buildings are found at most sport car and late model stock car tracks. Large tracks have several to speed up the flow of spectators entering the raceway.

This building will look great on any HO raceway.

It is similar to the ticket booths found at tracks like Lime Rock, Road America and North Wilkesboro.

View Photo-Real - Ticket & Gate Entrance in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Ticket & Gate Entrance $9.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - 4-Stall Pit Garage Next up is a 4-Stall Pit Garage. No raceway is complete without a place for racers to work on their cars. These garage can be built with the garage doors open or closed.

Multiple pit garages can be built and situated side-by-side in a line to create a much longer pit lane.

When placed on a long straight these garages make an excellent place to display your favorite slot cars.

View Photo-Real - 4-Stall Pit Garage in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - 4-Stall Pit Garage $11.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Race Tower Here we have a Timing & Scoring Race Tower. This type of structure is usually found near the Start/Finish line at most race tracks.

It provides race officials with a birds-eye view of the racing action.

Scoring Towers are normally found at sports car tracks and stock car ovals, both paved and dirt.

View Photo-Real - Race Tower in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Race Tower $9.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Pre-Race Tech Shed Raceways running sanctioned racing events need a Pre-Race Tech Shed where cars can be checked for class compliance and safety.

These building are often also used for post-race scrutineering. If you plan on having a Parc Ferme, this building along with a Winner's Podium and Press Tower is a must.

View Photo-Real - Pre-Race Tech Shed in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Pre-Race Tech Shed $16.49

Photo-Real - Press Tower No raceway is complete without a Press Tower. Press towers provide a base for race officials, TV broadcasters and racing magazine journalists.

This particular Press tower also offers pit lane stalls for post race scrutineering, and other racing-related purposes.

This press tower also makes a great Parc Ferme setting.

View Photo-Real - Press Tower in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Press Tower $14.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Marshalling Tower Marshalling Towers are normally placed around sports car road courses at several different turn locations. They provide both a better view of the racing action and protection for track officials from off-track excursions in case of racing incidents.

These towers can also be used as TV camera crew perches for nationally televised racing events.

View Photo-Real - Marshalling Tower in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Marshalling Tower $14.49

Photo-Real - Starting Gantry Many raceways have a Starting Gantry positioned at the Start/Finish line. These gantries often conceal the timing and scoring sensors that modern race tracks employ to get accurate lap times and speeds.

This Starting Gantry has large flat surfaces spanning the track that can be used to display a custom raceway name if you like.

View Photo-Real - Starting Gantry in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Starting Gantry $12.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Winners Podium A Winners Podium provides an excellent place to highlight a special car in your collection, or as a part of a Parc Ferme scene.

Almost every race track has a Winner's Podium for press and sponsor photos.

View Photo-Real - Winners Podium in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Winners Podium $14.49

Photo-Real - Modern Bleachers These Modern Bleachers add the finishing touch to any HO raceway.

Placed along straights or at corners they provide seating and shade for race fans at sports car road courses and stock car racing ovals.

View Photo-Real - Modern Bleachers in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Modern Bleachers $14.49 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Pedestrian Bridge A Pedestrian bridge adds interest to any HO raceway and provides a place to display a custom raceway name.

As a bonus, this kit includes porta-pots and vending machines.

View Photo-Real - Pedestrian Bridge in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Pedestrian Bridge $14.49

Photo-Real - Bleachers & Food Stand These Bleachers & Food Stand work best with HO raceways that have an older vintage flavor.

Similar to modern bleachers but without a roof, they offer spectators a good view of all the racing action.

As a bonus this kit also includes a small Hot Dog Stand for hungry spectators.

View Photo-Real - Bleachers & Food Stand in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Bleachers & Food Stand $14.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo-Real - Pit Stop Garage The last of the trackside race structures is the Pit Stop Garage, this building, like the Bleachers above is better suited to an HO raceway with a vintage flavor.

This kit can be used as a 3-Stall Pit Garage or as a stand-alone Tech Shed.

View Photo-Real - Pit Stop Garage in Pop-Up Window Photo-Real - Pit Stop Garage $14.99 Temporarily Out of Stock

D.I.Y. Trackside Structures

Attractive modern trackside buildings can also be home made using just 3/16" white foam core board, a straight edge and a No. 11 Exacto knife.

Draw your design directly on the foam core and them cut it out using a hobby knife and straight edge. Use waterproof white glue to assemble the walls and roof and you can create inexpensive modern buildings

See the Billboards page for free sponsor logos suitable for decorating these structures.

Spectator Track Bridge

Many road courses offer spectators the opportunity of moving around the track during a race to view the racing action from both inside and outside the track. A spectator bridge provides a safe means of getting spectators across a race track while a race is underway.

Spectator Track Bridge

A bridge makes an ideal start/finish line as well. If you're using Lap Timer 2000 then this bridge can also be used to house IR-LED devices.

Note The bridge opening should be made tall enough (1-3/4") to allow Tyco and Aurora A/FX Semi Tractors & Trailers to easily pass underneath.


  • Length - 10.25"
  • Width - 2"
  • Height - 3.5"
  • Opening - 6.25" x 1.75"

  • Control Tower

    This three-story control tower also adds to the realism of the scene. Place it near the start/finish line or as part of a garage complex to dress up your raceway.

    Control Tower

    Note: Use dark gray tinted plastic sheets for the window openings.


  • Length - 3"
  • Width - 3"
  • Height - 5.5"

  • F1 Garage

    This modern F1-style garage has two team stalls each wide enough for two cars. You can combine several of these units along with a pit lane to create a full garage complex.

    F1 Garage

    Note: Two or more garages can be placed side-by-side to create a nice garage complex.


  • Length - 8"
  • Width - 4"
  • Height - 2"

  • F1 Garage with VIP Booth

    This F1 garage is similar to the structure shown above, but includes a VIP viewing booth above the garage area. This garage would also be ideal for long-distance endurance racing events.

    F1 Garage with VIP Booth

    Note These garages when combined with the Luxury Box with Media Tower listed below make a nice modern pit lane complex.


  • Length - 8"
  • Width - 4"
  • Height - 3.25"

  • Grandstands

    Grandstands offer race spectators a place to sit and watch a race. They can be placed along a fast straight or near a corner.


    Note Hand painted seated spectators are available from the German company Preiser.


  • Length - 8"
  • Width - 4.25"
  • Height - 3"

  • Luxury Box with Media Tower

    Many modern race tracks include luxury boxes and a media tower placed along the main straight.

    Luxury Box with Media Tower

    Note: The grandstands in the picture above can be combined to create realistic trackside structures.


  • Length - 10"
  • Width - 4"
  • Height - 5.5"

  • Flag Stand

    A flag stand provides a vantage point for the race starter to see the entire field as they form up for a rolling start. They are normally positioned before the start/finish line so as to give race officials the opportunity of giving the green flag or waving off the start.

    Flag Stand


  • Length - 2.75"
  • Width - 0.875"
  • Height - 3.125"


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