Tomy EX Primus

Several years ago Tomy released a Collector's Edition series of cars in the United States and Japan. AFX collectors often refer to these cars as the EX Series due to their Tomy catalog numbers; EX001 through EX018. These cars came attractively packaged in hard plastic cases with a pit-wall base.

These are some of the most sought after Tomy cars ever produced. Several of the cars in this series command over $75.00 when available in mint condition.

These cars can occasionally be found for sale at auctions such as eBay, but be prepared to pay quite a bit for examples in mint unopened boxes.


EX001 Mercedes C-9
EX002 Jaguar XJR-8 - Silk Cut
EX003 Toyota 88CV - Minolta
EX004 Toyota 88CV - Denso
EX005 Toyota 88CV - TAKA-Q
EX006 Toyota 88CV - Tenoras
EX007 McLaren MP 4/5 - Marlboro
EX008 Benetton Ford B189 - 7-Up
EX009 Ferrari F189 - Marlboro
EX010 Williams FW13 - Canon
EX011 Larrousse - ESPO
EX012 Tyrrell Ford - Autopolis
EX013 Arrows - Footwork
EX014 Jordan Yamaha - Sasol
EX015 Minardi Ford
EX016 Larrousse - Venturi
EX017 Williams - Canon
EX018 Ferrari F92A - Goodyear

The first six cars in this series; EX001-EX006 are Grand Touring Prototype (GTP) racers while the remaining 12 are all FIA Formula 1 cars raced in the early 1990s.

I currently own an entire set of these cars in mint unopened packaging. As I acquire duplicates of these cars I will include pictures of the actual cars here.

For the time being I have posted a photograph from a Japanese Tomy catalog illustrating the first 12 cars in the Tomy EX Series.
Tomy EX Series - Japanese Catalog

I am in the process of acquiring a second set of these cars for racing use. If you have any of these cars for sale please contact me. Many of these cars were also available in regular blister packaging as AFX Super G-Plus products. I would be interested in buying these cars for racing purposes.


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